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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jul 16 10:35:32 EDT 2012

Chipp wrote:
> In the Mac Finder, they put a rect around the list item, but don't hilite
> it.

I submitted a request some time ago for the ability to indicate 
selection in non-focused windows - perhaps it could be extended to 
include right-clicked list items?

Behaviors will vary depending on the needs of the task at hand.  I have 
one app in which it makes the most sense to treat right-clicks by 
selecting the item, but others, like the Finder, preserve the current 
selection while providing what is effectively an indication "secondary 
selection" so the user can know what is being affected by the context 
menu that appears.

Whether the behavior is to show a primary or secondary selection, in 
most cases the current LiveCode default behavior is inadequate, as the 
user has no way to know what will be affected by the resulting action.

Perhaps the only situation in which the current behavior is optimal 
would be those in which the resulting action would affect everything in 
the list object as a whole.

In all other cases there needs to be some way to let the user know what 
will be affected, and in the absence of a secondary hilite I've had to 
write handlers that perform selection on right-click.

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