mergExt pricing changes and free externals

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Jul 14 22:57:46 EDT 2012

> Yep, I understand that, but the same principal applies to RunRev's
> evaluation of whether to provide this or not.  I think you'd be surprised
> at how many LC devs would put stuff into the APple store it they weren't
> stopped dead in their tracks by this and a couple of other issues that just
> aren't possible directly in LC 

Not really. Enabling file access is clearly in the realm of the engines responsibilities as just about everybody posting on this thread has demonstrated by saying I should be in the engine. How many more OS x versions will there be before the user will have to change some obscure setting to allow a non-sandbox app? My guess is no more than 2.

I'll tell you what. Anyone prepared to purchase the suite if I produce this bookmark external is welcome to email me off list to pledge to the fact. If I judge the ROI to be worthwhile I'll do it.



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