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See below.
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On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 2:57 PM, Monte Goulding <monte at
> wrote:

> On 15/07/2012, at 6:56 AM, Andrew Henshaw <henshaw at> wrote:
> > Ive stopped writing for the Mac App Store as its impossible to access
> files outside of the sandbox without the security scoped bookmarks,  if an
> external existed that allowed it (even though it should be in the main
> livecode product imo)
> Right there is the reason I can't justify doing this over other externals.
> I could probably have this done for you by the end of the week but there's
> really probably only a handful of lc developers trying to tackle sandboxing
> at the moment and of them how many will decide to take the rant on the dev
> list approach rather than buy the external. Ive been here before with
> mergXattr which as far as I know resulted in 0 sales but I implemented
> because someone was getting rejected from the app store.

Yep, I understand that, but the same principal applies to RunRev's
evaluation of whether to provide this or not.  I think you'd be surprised
at how many LC devs would put stuff into the APple store it they weren't
stopped dead in their tracks by this and a couple of other issues that just
aren't possible directly in LC.

> > I use a couple of externals already to validate the MAS reciepts,  and
> provide the interface to the Intel App Up store,  but any other externals
> that opened up access to more stores would be good.
> Feel free to point me at high priority stores and/or their sdk.
> >
> > Other externals that would be nice on the desktop right now for me would
> include...
> >
> > - Dropbox (as previous mentioned),  because its a real pain inside a mac
> sandboxed app to use from Livecode otherwise!
> What's the difficulty using it other than only being able to do blocking
> uploads?
> > - A barcode scanner that could use the macs camera
> Definitely possible. How many people would like this?
> > - Touch screen support for Windows 8.
> I'll look into it but once again it's probably right in the potential LC
> roadmap.
> >
> > I really hope this works out for you Monte.  Livecode has grown to be a
> genuine option for mobile development now,  and your tools absolutely,  and
> without any doubt in my mind fill in the missing gaps and extend the
> functionality immensely.
> Thank you!
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