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I keep touting the virtues of Bonig and Kallenbach

Pricey, but a pleasure to use. There are frameworks for LC, of course, and a dozen other development environments.

But who cares? LC is the one.

The same coding experience that makes fields crunch text or objects jump through hoops can now read pots or photosensors, and control motors and relays. It has digital and analog inputs, digital outputs, and PWM built-in. There are a couple of different versions. I use the Service USB Plus.

Craig Newman

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I was reading the comments about Phidgets and externals and started wondering 
about being able to use the USB port to connect to special devices- mechanical 
switches, etc. for use with children with special needs,
Is there a source of information about how to connect and read such things?  
Transducers for things like strain gauges, thermo detection, etc. would also be 
Would appreciate it if someone knows where to find information related to this 
or if you have developed any such interfaces for LiveCode.

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