Phidgets and externals

Bob Earp rjearp at
Thu Jul 12 11:39:18 EDT 2012

Skip, pleeeeease do not go off of the list with your questions as there are others out there that need educating, me being one of them.

Mike, thanks for the sample stack and sketch.  I'm running on OS X and the sketch came through OK, but the stack was what looked like a mixture of text and binary in it.  Any chance of uploading the actual stack somewhere ?

Tom, when you say there are a couple of tricks to opening the driver, are you talking about using AppleScript per your stack on revOnline, or have you found another way of doing this ?

I have an Arduino Duemilianove I'd like to try to get talking to LC.

Thanks, Bob...

Bob Earp
White Rock, British Columbia.

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