Phidgets and externals

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I have watched phidgets for a while. But the Bonig & Kallenbach devices are more powerful, although more expensive. Same sort of interface and thought process, though.  But it sure would be nice to have cheaper gadgets.

I go back quite a ways with these sorts of toys. I also find them loads of fun to use, and have used them in several projects, both internal and external.

Craig Newman

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So one of areas that I like to work on is external hardware devices.
The Phidget ( framework really has a nice set
of expandable options and it looks like somebody has taken a crack at
the 8/8/8 interface board that they have samples for.  It also looks
like this could be expanded to other Phidgets that do not directly
connect to the 8/8/8 board through externals.

Has anybody out there written any for additional Phidgets?

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