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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Feb 25 13:57:50 CST 2012

On 02/25/2012 08:27 PM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> Frankly, Richmond, though I almost always enjoy your commentaries, I would really like to see LC lists for both Linux and iOS diverted to special lists for those two topics; particularly as newbies to either of these variants of LC "stumble" their way around, causing me, and others I'm sure, to needlessly delete them when they pop-up on my InBox. It's pretty irritating and time consuming. For no reason and very little gain that I can see. Just MHO on a Sunday morning,
Joe (and others), at the risk of making you further cheesed-off (and in 
Bulgaria it is still Saturday night):

I suspect your attitude is the majority one; seeing everything except 
for Mac and Windows as a minority interest area.

I develop for Mac, Windows and Linux, and don't really see things in 
quite this way.

I am well aware that the vast majority of PC users favour Windows, 
followed by bout 10% who favour Mac.

I suspect that those developers who are producing stuff for iOS feel 
much the same about their work.

Many long years ago I developed some stuff for RISC OS; and chose to 
ignore Mac and Windows; feeling that they were marginal
in the European theatre of computing; suddenly when RISC disappeared up 
its own bottom, I was left looking a bit foolish; as were
the thousands of schools in Britain that had shovelled a lot of money 
into RISC machines such as the Archimedes.

It might just be that those who don't keep their eye on what, just now, 
look like minority forces, may look a bit odd shortly.

> Joe Wilkins
> Architect

I have just returned from setting up a machine running Ubuntu 10.04 with 
MEDUSA4 and Draftsight:

A very high-profile architect here in Bulgaria.

He is fed to the back teeth with his office Windows systems crashing 
left, right and centre and so has opted for
a workable Linux solution.

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