[OT] LC's Fields of the Future

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Feb 24 09:59:40 CST 2012

Roger Eller wrote:

> The right tool for the job is subjective.  I use LiveCode for everything I
> build.  Perhaps replacing MS Word for everyone in the world be a bold
> challenge, but many people would opt for simplicity.  An RTF based editor
> is still a word processor, and would definitely meet all of my text
> communications requirements.  P.S. I hate MS Word.  Feature overload.

Well said.

There's a recent thread in the Ubuntu forums about the need for a 
simpler writing environment than Open Office provides.  OO has tons of 
great features, but sometimes less is more.

The writing apps on this page have gotten a surprising amount of 
traction and press, legitimizing the notion that there are opportunities 
in having fewer features than we find in office suites:


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