The Linux engine...

Malte Brill revolution at
Thu Feb 23 03:20:24 CST 2012

Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

Andre: I also have that impression. Now, what can we do to get it up to speed? With Linux I am always unsure if I just forgot to install something that LC depends on. A simple example: Under UBUNTU an app of mine just looks like it should. No problem with the looks over there. However under OpenSuse, patterns just will not draw. No dice. I figured out so much that this is a GNOME (working) versus KDE (not working) thing. What really scares me is the exit on signal 11 issue. How does one debug that???

Pierre: I am happiely using LC Server. As long as there is no GUI involved, it really appears rock solid. Got a bit of a problem that there is no IBM system Z engine, however that is something I should have checked beforehand and indeed is rather exotic.

Peter: Well, I could live with that (not for main development, but for deployment). Greatest concern is stability for larger scale applications.

I miss Richard a little. He became some sort of a power Linux LC user recently, didn't he? Richard?

Appreciate all penguins that care to chime in!

All the best,


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