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Wed Feb 15 10:37:18 CST 2012

Ken and Phil:  Thank you both for your input.

Phil your sample scrip helped a lot.

Ken, yes, I am locking the screen before the updating the chart.   I don't know anything about the layer mode so I guess I need to learn more about that.   I have always been a bit confused about when and when not to use the touch handlers as opposed to the mouse.   Is it safe to say that you should stick with the mouse handlers unless you are interested in detecting multiple touch events?   And I am in fact using them both so I need to fix that.   Any idea why the frequency difference between the touch and mouse?  I would have expected them to be the same.

Thanks again,

On 02/15/2012, at 10:43 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On Feb 14, 2012, at 4:09 PM, Michael Doub wrote:
>> I am currently catching touch movement events and rendering a graph within a slider.  Clearly the rendering is slowing things a bit and I am 
>> experiencing some sluggishness.  
> Are you locking the screen before you change the graph and then unlocking it when you're done? Also, the objects that are being changed by dragging the slider seem like candidates for setting the layerMode of those objects to "dynamic". Also, touchMove messages aren't sent as often as mouseMove, so you may way to try using mouseMove instead of touchMove (don't use them both or you'll get both!) and see if that helps.
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