Intelligent Save Dialogue?

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If Adobe has a different dialog, then I think they also "rolled their own". 


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> Ken,
> Thank you for the reply and confirmation, definitely appreciated.
> Your 'workaround' is pretty much how I had set up the save routine and I was pretty confident that it was foolproof enough to avoid saving a file with the wrong/no extension, or worse, overwriting a file with the wrong extension, but it seems some users now expect even simple apps to be as polished as the likes of Adobe products. I guess my simple app will have to disappoint a few while I work on a new Save Dialogue - could be a useful resource for the future too.
> Paul
> P.S. A big Thank You for putting up all the useful info on your site too.
> On 1 Feb 2012, at 19:00, Ken Ray wrote:
>>> The problem here is that, as far as I know LiveCode can only react to the Save or Cancel button being pressed within the dialogue box, so my question for the list is:
>>> Does anybody know of a way to achieve an 'intelligent' save dialogue without building a new one from scratch? or has anybody built one that they are willing to share?
>> Well you can't "hack" into the OS-provided Save dialog, so it's either build a replacement one from scratch, or use a workaround, which is basically:
>> - Bring up a save dialog
>> - Check for an extension
>> 	- If there isn't one, add one
>> 	- If it's incorrect, alert the user
>> - If you had to add or correct the extension, check for an existing file with that name
>> 	- If there is one, display a dialog asking if they want to replace (hopefully mimicking the host OS as best as you can)
>> - Save or Cancel (based on user choice).
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