Dockable Panes

Mark Stuart mfstuart at
Sun Dec 30 14:41:40 CST 2012

Take a look at Codejocks ActiveX control:
This web page shows an animation of the panes being moved and relocated into
another position.

This is what I'm talking about when a pane is moved. Notice the "handle"
icons that are made visible when dragging begins. It's a placement icon to
show where the pane can be dropped, and it previews the place of the pane
with a transparent pane when the mouse moves over it.

Dick - answering your question, pane #4 would occupy pane #2 and #4 area.
Again, you can see this in the Codejock web page referenced above. 

Richard - I read your reply and looked at the pencil-animation web site
(cool software).
Each pane can be represented as a toolbox or contain information such as
record detail, for example.
Each pane has a header, which contains a title and buttons. Buttons can be
to close/remove the pane, or have a drop-down menu for actions. The header
is the dragging object.

I will continue to prototype in LC until I have something to show. If I'm
successful at uploading to RevOnline, I'll place it there for y'll to take a
look at.

Mark Stuart
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