Search, Replace and Unicode

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Dec 29 13:52:58 CST 2012

On 12/29/2012 09:38 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> Just curious - does setting the lockMessages & lockScreen to true 
> speed it up any? Or hiding the field? (Sorry if these have already 
> been answered; I'm not following the thread too closely)

I really don't know as I am so "thick" those possibilities had not 
occurred to me.

However, I cracked open my monster Sanskrit font and looked at it 
FontForge and realised that I was being fairly bl**dy silly crunching 
thousands of irrelevant unicode addresses, so chopped things up into 3 
REPEAT UNTIL loops for the unicode ranges that were relevant to my work:

2325 - 2431
57354 - 58498
61952 - 62738

giving a saving of some 58371 interations!!!! and boiling the whole 
thing down to about 5 seconds . . . that is on the same sample text I
previously used.

HOWEVER . . . now I will play around with setting lockMessages and 
lockScreen as per your suggestions to see if there is any appreciable gain.

Phil; you state that you are "not following the thread too closely"; is 
that because it is not something that interests you, or do you have a 
stake in Unicode text manipulation but have been busy elsewhere.

I sometimes get the feeling (err . . . paranoid) that I am the only 
person using RR Livecode who is doing 'serious sh*t' with unicodeText;

but, hey, why should I worry?; in 1985, at the University of Durham, I 
was the only student trying to process text with PASCAL 5 while all the
Physics students were crunching numbers.

> On 12/29/12 8:18 AM, Richmond wrote:
>> ran it through unicode addresses from 2325 to 62738, which took about 
>> 90 seconds, which is rather too long, so
>> will cut that down to run through several ranges of unicode addresses 
>> rather than the whole shebang.

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