Help with Regex (was Re: Switch, Case and wild-cards?)

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Fri Dec 28 16:48:21 CST 2012

The regex builder plugin in LC is pretty handy too and can help you work
things out in lc itself.  You can also be pretty sure of it works in the
builder, it will work in LC (though in all things, YMMV)

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 3:07 PM, James Hale <james at> wrote:

> Pete asked:
> "Does anyone have any references to using regular expressions, preferable
> with lots of examples?"
> If you are using a Mac i suggest getting yourself a copy of BBedit or its
> free sibling "TextWrangler".
> I have never been much for using terminal commands and the like as I
> always preferred the Mac GUI so when it came to text manipulation I sought
> out easier tools. Nisus was my first taste of using regex with its token
> substitutions but when it when in to abeyance for a while I turned to
> BBedit.
> It allows the use of grep ( a command line regex tool) in its find and
> replace dialog and also does find and replace across multiple files. It's
> manual provides a good introduction to what you can do with regex, it is
> blindingly fast and a really easily way to try out different expressions.
> I found it invaluable when I wrote a web-scrapping app to provide a back
> end to my DVD collection many years ago. I still have times when I need to
> do a lot of text manipulation and will inevitably turn to BBedit's regex
> prowess to do the heavy lifting.
> As for references, there are lots on the web and O'Reilly have a couple of
> good books.
> But BBEDIT (or TextWrangler) will provide an easily accessible interface
> into using regex and trying out different things.
> James
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