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> I'm sitting in the confession box, hidden from the view to the confessors. (haha). 
> P.S. Can I leave the confession box now?

Hum... It seems the place is free. Let's get in...

> I've been in this game since the days of the first Sinclair computer, remember it. The ZX81.  At the time I was learning to fly and progressing to become a Commercial Pilot. Then mine eyes beheld this beauty, ZX81. I was to captivated by this 'thing'. I dissected everything about this wondrous machine, as for the flying that took a plunge as I was diagnosed with a heart murmur which put a full stop of ever reaching the commercial or as it it better known in aviation circle, my A.L.T.P. 

Well doing some kind of computer archeology, I'll dig out the TRS80 Model one. It was my first computer. Not really... The first one was a sheet of paper and a pencil: when in 1979 I asked him what as a teacher I could do with a micro-computer the guy at Tandy store replied by suggesting me to buy the user guide (the user guide was sold separately and if I happened to buy the computer I would anyway need it...). Thus I  started programming Basic language copying the lines from the very well done course in the user guide. Along one month I did that tedious work wondering how it would display on the screen... I was at that time a 27 years old teacher. I'm no a 60 retired one. Still living with computers...

> Lets move on. So, today I'm now a developer, learnt countless computer language, loved some, hated others. But my interest for programming has never waned. Ran a small software house for many years, collapsed 3 time from over stress but never ever lost the desire to create program's. Like learning music, it gets better the more you play.

I moved to Apple II in 1982 or so and discovered the Logo language. I moved then to Microsoft world as IBM PC machines when arriving in our schools and remained linked to the Windows environment until I got my first personal iMac in 1998 although I had to go on with PCs because my school was in process of setting up a NT4 network (and I even worked afterwards with Microsoft Belgium as a part-time Education advisor...).

I discovered RunRev Revolution with version 1 and found that it was really a revolution for me. After having tested and used many languages such as Pascal, Augusta, Forth I really got in love with Revolution... Never left...

Very recently my son (35) moved to France where he found a better job conditions. He was already working in the medical field in Belgium, dealing with blood analysis machines, interfacing them with computers and managing the results in database. Now he is working in a similar firm, Horiba Medical. When he spoke about his development projects I advised him to use LiveCode. He learned C at school when he studied for a Master in informatics but never really programmed with pleasure.

He developed an application in less than one week (a spare parts database management). He takes pleasure in working withe LiveCode. No comment...

Confession box: free :-)

André Rombauts

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