The Script Editor

Cal Horner calhorner at
Tue Dec 25 16:56:20 CST 2012

O.K. You all made me doubt myself. So never being one that enjoys being
proven wrong I went back into the cob-webbed archives of time and pulled out
Revolution Studio 2.7.4 and reinstalled it. Just to see if I had been

Lo and behold under the view menu there were several menu items specifically
for handlers and one of the menu-items was the "Single-Handler View" and you
know what it did.

Just one little item of information if it is in 2.7.4 might it also be in
the earlier script editors and even a few later ones?

Question to self. Does this mean I'm going to have to cannibalize this
script editor in order to use something like it in LC 5.5.3? 

Or back to my original question: anyone got something that does the trick

What about GLX2 mark?

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