Tab Panel (tab button) how to select manually a tab?

Paul Hibbert lc at
Mon Dec 24 01:54:37 CST 2012

Hi Ueliweb,

The property you are looking for is the menuHistory, in a Tab Menu this property controls the hilited Tab Button.

So a simple way to control the Menu Tabs on a card is to add an openCard handler to switch the hilited tab, for example on the first card…

on openCard
   set the menuHistory of btn "MyTabMenu" to "1" ## Where "1" corresponds to the first Tab.
end openCard

and the same for each other card accessed from the Tab Menu, just changing the corresponding number.


Merry Christmas,


On 2012-12-23, at 11:00 PM, Ueliweb wrote:

> Hei
> first merry christmas to all :-)
> in some case I would like to control the which tab is selected/ hilited.
> but what parameter i have to set?
> Sample:
> the tabs normal changes the card, some times I go to cards that are not
> selectable by the tab menu itself, because the user should got to this
> cards only after some actions.
> On this cards the tab menu is hidden because he should leave it also
> controlled be the program.
> From that cards it is possible to go back to different cards.
> If the user go to another card that shows the tab menu the tab hilited is
> still corresponding to the old card.
> greetings ueliweb
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