Opening a stack crashes RevMedia, and message box won't work

dfepstein at dfepstein at
Tue Dec 11 11:15:15 CST 2012

I have encountered two strange new symptoms using RevMedia 2.9 on a Windows 7 machine.  I do not know if they are related. 

1.  I often write stacks on my Macintosh with Metacard 2.0, then run them successfully in Windows with RevMedia 2.9.  But for a new stack that works fine on my Mac, opening it in RevMedia causes Rev to quit, with no warning or advice.  I tried opening the same stack with a script "lock messages; go card 1 of stack x", but the result was the same.  

To try to troubleshoot, in a separate stack, I put the script of stack x into a field; edited the script to comment out the "openStack" and "resumeStack" handlers (the only ones that I see that would execute when the stack is opened); set the script of stack x to the revised version; and saved stack x.  (Somewhat to my surprise, this all seemed to work, since I thought that such commands mean that Rev loads the stack into memory; so why no crash in this case?).  (Card 1 of stack x has no script). 
How can I diagnose the problem? 

2.  When I try to execute any command in the Message box, I get an error message, indicating that Rev has been tripped up on this line: 

  do "global" && the globalNames 

of the "revExecuteMessage" handler in the script of field "Message Field" of stack "Message Box." 

Any suggestions? 

Many thanks. 

David Epstein 

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