Using Stacks With LiveCode Server

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed Aug 29 12:27:57 EDT 2012

I can get it to work outside my web folder (from my desktop) but I have
permissions set so that owner is me with full permissions (rwx) ,group _www
is read (r) (_www on moutain lion server is the www group) it would also
matter what permissions are on the containing folder of course.  It is most
likely safer to contain all your files in the server root, but it can be
outside the document root. I can hit it fine this way when its on the
desktop, but again permissions on the containing folder might get in the

As for how I know it will only work with legacy, there was a discussion on
the forums with a rev response "will be updated soon to support 5.5
format.."   And I just did a quick test, "the version" is listed as 5.0.2
so I think (but haven't specifically tested) that there is still no support
for the new stack version.  *goes to check*

Yep, 5.5 is still not supported and fails with these results

file "/Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/mysite.tiny.local/"
  row 3, col 7: Chunk: can't find stack
  row 3, col 1: start: can't find object

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 9:19 AM, Gregory Lypny
<gregory.lypny at>wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for the error handling suggestion.  I have not tried your test
> stack yet but I finally got mine working.  But it only works when I place
> the stack in the Library/Webserver/Documents, that is, in the same folder
> as the web file that calls it.  Yet, I left the path in that web file
> pointing to the desktop
>         start using stack "/Users/gregory/Desktop/ParetoServer (Legacy
> 2.7).livecode"
> but removed the stack from the desktop!  I don't get it.  It would be nice
> to be able to place stacks outside of
>         /Library/WebServer/Documents/
> but I guess I can live with it as is.  By the way, where did you learn
> that only legacy stacks can be loaded by LiveCode server?
> Regards,
> Gregory
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