Can anyone confirm this possible bug ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Aug 28 12:35:19 EDT 2012

Is this a bug, or a feature, or just something in my environment ?

Create a new stack, add a button, and make the button script be

> on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
>     put "we get here"
>     trythis(1)
>     put "but do we get to here"
> end mouseUp

(Yes, I know it's wrong - that's the point :-)

Compile this script - no error.

In the card script, put
> function trythis p
>     return 1
> end trythis
and compile this, then click the button.

It outputs the first line (i.e. "we get here") and then just stops. 

If you correct it to
     get trythis(1)
then it all works OK.

Does this happen for others, or just me ?
Shouldn't there be some kind of error flagged when the button is 
clicked, to show that a function has been called as though it were a 
handler ?  Or at least to warn that execution has just stopped in 
mid-flight ?

-- Alex.

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