Font differences between IOS versions

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Mon Aug 27 17:29:17 EDT 2012

There are quite a few fonts that were not supported in earlier versions of
IOS. I am targeting my app to run on IOS 4.3 and later and I want the app,
when run under IOS 4.3, to have access to the same fonts as people running
V5.x. To do so, I've done a custom install of the missing fonts into my
app. This has worked fine, except that there are two fonts which do not
properly display.

One is Optima Bold. It always displays as Optima ExtraBlack. I can switch
between the two and there is no difference.

The second is Papyrus. It always displays as Papyrus-Condensed.

I have verified that the versions that I want, i.e. Optima-Bold, and
Papyrus, are listed as available fonts when I compile for IOS 4.3, but they
still display as the other variations of these fonts as I have described. I
don't know enough about how fonts are displayed on IOS devices to
understand why this is happening. At first I thought that it was because
IOS 4.3 simply couldn't support these fonts, but I see that they are both
supported under IOS 4.3 on the iPad (actually, Papyrus-Condensed isn't
supported until IOS 5, but Papyrus *is *supported under 4.3), so I don't
think that is the problem.

I would be grateful if anyone had an explanation or solution for this issue.



Howard Bornstein

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