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> > I've bought three more since, with a fourth to be delivered tomorrow.
> Still trying to get it right? <ducking>
> <uh oh... gonna be in trouble for this one...>

Nah, those are the toshibas in various states of disassembly (btw--they
work headless, but apparently, the bars holding the screen are wifi
antennae; don't remove them!)

A macboook attacked me in frys a couple of years ago, and I bought it to
see if I could get along with the modern interface.  Despite progress,
battery life is a disaster under either FreeBSD or Linux.

Worked nicely, up until the staple sucked in by the magnetic cord
connector.  And unlike the old powerbooks, its nontrivial to replace the
fuse (but the behavior is the same; it works fine until the battery runs
down, but can't recharge)

Then an iPad for court, and another few months on a Toshiba before the 27"

Then an iPhone that ambushed me while I was in for an iMac repair (My wife
had just stolen my android, and wouldn't give it back!).

Then (forgot about this one) a mac mini  for my assistant's desk; swamped
it out from the old PC from her former employer while she was out for lunch
:)  Took her a bit to figure out what was going on . . . . :)

Then iPhones for a daughter and my wife.

And the twins started high school, and having a laptop is presumed in a
couple of their classes (math, in particular).

An iPad 3 for my eyeballs (and wife took the 2).  It had a minor
gravitational incident, but the damage to the glass is mostly around the
edge, the screen is fine.

And now that Chase and its attorneys paid for it with a nice sanctions
check, my brand new retina macbook that arrived today (named chase out of

So I should be fine until next month when the new iPhone comes out . . .

But as for getting it right . . . I'm one of the few attornies not
"practicing."  Once I got it right, I closed down almost 20 years ago, and
got te Ph.D.

Now I do bankruptcy work to pay the tuition bills . . .
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