Problem with "&" character with revGoURL

Bob Earp rjearp at
Thu Aug 23 13:39:02 EDT 2012

Some long time ago I built a stack to send a common mail message to a lot of contacts.  My server has the limit of 20 addresses per eMail to stop spamming, so the stack just broke the list of address into blocks of 20, and put these addresses into the Bcc: field of each message.  With help from Sara I used revGoURL and it's been working fine for some years.  I didn't change to revMail as it doesn't seem to support the Bcc: field, and that's important to me.

The stack is simply separate fields for the recipient addresses, the mail subject line, and the message body (contents) text.  The stack then builds the messages in a repeat loop, using 20 Bcc: addresses at a time, using revGoURL

put "mailto:?"& lSubjectTxt & "&" & lAddresses & "&" & lBodyTxt into lMailMsg
revGoURL lMailMsg

I haven't used the stack in about 12 months, but today I did and came across a weird problem.  I used the ampersand "&" character in the body of the message, and for some weird reason it truncates the lBodyTxt when it goes to Apple Mail.  Meaning, the "&" and anything after it does not get sent to Apple Mail.

Now it's entirely possible that I have never used an ampersand in the message body before, but unlikely.  So, my questions are;
1. Does revMail support Bcc: yet and if so are there any characters one should stay away from ?
2. Has anybody else experienced his problem and if so how did you fix it ?

Many thanks, Bob...

Bob Earp
White Rock, British Columbia.

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