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Tue Aug 21 16:00:29 EDT 2012

Pay as you go pricing is something you are either going to love, or you
are going to hate. We have done our homework, we know what % of you do and
don't like it. Therefore, like other big companies before us (e.g. Adobe)
we have made it an option. You may choose if it is for you. Or not. You
may continue to do exactly what you do now, or you can switch. There is no
difference in the pricing for any existing customers, as far as I'm aware
not a single $ has been added or subtracted to any option in any product
line. A debate on this list will not alter the % of you who do and don't
like PAYG, this being a fact we have established long before we undertook
this. This is about providing choice which we believe will help a certain
group of potential customers adopt the platform.

As far as the store front is concerned, we are showing the most popular
products there. You can select a license and customize it, for example to
get a desktop only product for a single platform. That is a design
decision we have taken that is based on solid evidence regarding what the
most popular platforms are and does not affect our existing customers in
any way. We will continue to refine it, but you can rest assured that this
is something we pay a lot of attention to and watch the results on

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On 21/08/2012 20:30, "Mark Wieder" <mwieder at> wrote:

>Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 11:05:05 AM, you wrote:
>> It's even worse than you describe, though what you describe is already
>> taken care of:
>It's even worse than *you* describe. While a pay-as-you-go
>subscription model may work for some sofware-as-a-service platforms,
>it most definitely does *not* work for development apps. I would never
>as a hobbyist, as a professional developer, or as a company, invest in
>a development platform that:
>a) needed to connect to a license validation server over an internet
>connection in order to start up
>b) ceased working if I stopped subscribing to updates
>c) ceased working if something happened to the issuing company
>d) required me to be online to get any work done
>e) required a licensing server to be online and its database
>accessible and up-to-date in order to function
>It seems that the new pricing structure is designed for three things:
>1. to punish developers who don't keep updating every year regular as
>2. to remove the single-platform products
>3. to provide entry barriers to developers new to the platform
>It's been four days now since Kevin promised to make this "clearer".
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