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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 21 14:05:05 EDT 2012

Richmond wrote:

> 3. How many of them feel that a Linux version of Livecode at the same
> sort of pricing as the versions for Mac and Win is financially worth it.

I finally took a moment to look at the new store pricing grid.  Now I 
see why folks are concerned.

It's even worse than you describe, though what you describe is already 
taken care of:

It doesn't seem that it's possible to buy a license for ANY single 
desktop platform.

Linux hasn't been singled out:  I don't see an option to buy for Mac or 
Windows either.

Even more confusing, the only single-platform licenses I can find are 
for iOS and Android, but neither of those are development platforms so 
it's unclear what you're getting with that.

I could write several pages about the ROI of developing for the desktop 
vs mobile, but fortunately for the readers here I have work to do.

The key point is that the two aren't mutually exclusive.  One should be 
able to use LiveCode to develop for desktop, or mobile, or both, if they 
choose.  "Shut up and take my money!"

Indeed, not offering a desktop-only option for any platform is so silly 
that I have to assume it's an error that will be corrected before the 
day's out.

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