New Pricing

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Tue Aug 21 03:55:21 EDT 2012

The pricing at the moment appears to be (is this right?) that if as a new customer you want  Linux you pay either Gold Perpetual, at $1,000, or you go PAYG Cross Platform at $50 a month.  This seems to give you IOS, Android, Sever, Mac and Windows, none of which you may want, but they are included anyway.

If you just want Mac and Windows both, you buy either Android with it or IOS with it, and this costs either $500 or $50 a month.  You may not want Android or IOS but they are included.

Like Richmond, on Linux, I am just going to stick with the last version bought, and this is the commercial direction Rev has chosen for doubtless sound commercial reasons. 

However, do realize the effect this pricing, accompanied by the rather unpredictable recent changes, has.  What it says to any new Linux using desktop customer is:  Python. 

If that is the decision, that's Rev's prerogative, and there may be good reasons for it.  As long as they realise this is what it has been.  As I said previously, this is one of these moments where you see most clearly the point of open source.


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