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Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Mon Aug 20 16:54:06 EDT 2012

Engine Changes

Important: As of 5.5-dp-3, the default stack file format has been updated
to 5.5. The previous default version (2.7) has been set as a legacy option
in the “Save As” dialog. As such, the field updates added in 5.5 are now no
longer considered experimental.

Warning: File Format changes to LiveCode 5.5 mean stacks created in LC 5.5
DP2 and above could have data loss if opened in older versions (field style
related data)
 5.0.2 is saving as legacy 2.7, so if you're in 5.5 dp3 + you have to
manually "save as" in legacy format for server (which is still 4.6.3 I
believe) to be able to open them.

Sorry for the red, copied from the release notes.

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 2:43 PM, Pierre Sahores <sc at>wrote:

> Your stack seems to be corrupted if i try to open it from the IDE. And
> from the message box, the reply is "no such card". If that can help, you
> can send me both your lc cgi-script + your stack lib if you want that  try
> to get it running as a working example. Server's stacks don't have to be
> saved in a 2.7 legacy format. They just have to be saved by an LC version
>  <= 5.0.2.
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