HIG, right click issue

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Sun Aug 19 18:03:11 EDT 2012

Got this interesting situation regarding how to deal with contextual menu
actions against multiple lines in a locked scrolling field.

Right clicking on a line highlights the line and brings up the contextual
menu.  The actions in the contextual menu can apply to multiple lines in
the scrolling list field.  I can select multiple lines by any of the usual
methods but as soon as I right-click on any of them, the rest of the
selected lines lose their hilite and any actions I select from the
contextual menu happen for just the line I right-clicked.

As yet, I haven't found a way to grab the right click before the
deselection of lines takes place.  I thought mouseDown should do it but the
highlighting change has already happened by then.  Also tried
selectionChanged but that was never triggered, probably because the field
is locked.

Right now, the only way I can make this work if is to hold down one of the
modifier keys for selecting multiple lines (shift, command) at the same
time as right clicking.  Then all the hilited lines remian hilited and all
works fine.

That's OK but it feels like there should be an easier way to achieve this
from the HIG perspective. Any thoughts?

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