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Nigel Soden nigels at
Sun Aug 19 05:08:35 EDT 2012

>Or, you could be like me and develop software with whatever version of 
>Livecode you already own and not  feel that you have to be permanently 
>on the "upgrade escalator".
That is an option, however when one does eventually want to upgrade cause of a feature then your stuck to have to pay every year otherwise LC itself bombs out, that is, one's lic expires and then you have to purchase a new one every year to continue developing. All i can hope for is when I do release my own software I can make sufficient income from it to be able to afford it. Well, it better, it's my retirement income. :)
I agree one does not need to upgrade endlessly. I left another language because of this very problem, it just cost to much to upgrade and having found LC I was chuffed as it tied in very nicely with the type of stuff I have planned. I come from a Clarion background and currently doing C# which I detest with a passion as i have found it so plotted and over-rated. If anything I prefer Objective-C, could always move to that but I'm not a OOP's fan. Clarion unfortunately fell behind on there tool and allowed themselves to be sucked into the .net syndrome thereby losing out on what there strength is.  
Maybe RunRev should slow down on their upgrades. :), now thats a better option. Just kidding. 
I do like your last comment...
<Many, many people have the feeling they have to upgrade endlessly. All 
<this feeling results in
<(at least for people living in Bulgaria and South Africa) is a financial 
<crisis  . . .   LOL.
So dam right... We should invite some Americans and English folks to live here or Bulgaria or maybe even Cuba for them to understand what it's like. 
Nevertheless, let us raise our glasses and toast to the future.... :)

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