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On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>
> es, RevServer should allow creation and manipulation of objects (at least
> the older Rev CGI allowed this), and using the "save" command you should
> even be able to save those changes to disk.

At that point, everything could exist, then--the output is generated by
copy or create card, copy group, move, and fill fields.

> But no, unfortunately you won't be able to do anything that involves
> rendering objects graphically.  Server environments are "faceless", they
> have no GUI components, and so there's no way for LiveCode to render
> anything into an imaging buffer such as would be need to generate PDF with
> its printToPDF external.


I tossed together this simple stack.

In preOpenStack, it first writes a text file, then prints the first card as
pdf, then quits.

I don't *see* a flicker of it hitting the mac screen, nor does it put up
any kind of splash screen before exit.

Both files get written.

The files also get created if I ssh in from my iPad and "open quiet"

I then pushed my luck, and built it for linux and copied it over.

I telnetted in, and it crashed with an  X error.

Did a bit of googling, found and installed xvfb, and it produced my output.

I've copied it to the same on-rev directory as my test script, but I'm not
having much success.

I've got
start using stack "quiet.livecode"
put "now using <p>"
send "preOpenStack" to stack "quiet.livecode"

and I get:

file "/home/dochawkb/public_html/"
  row 15, col 7: Chunk: can't find stack
  row 15, col 1: start: can't find object

I get the same result if I use /home/dochawkb/public_html/quiet.livecode

> Thus far the only command-line app I've seen which can generate PDFs is
> ImageMagick:
> <>

I've come to know it quite well :)   I'm sure there's more to it than
"convert", but . . .

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