changes to the runrev store

James Hale james at
Sat Aug 18 05:07:51 EDT 2012

Well this is a tad confusing and inconsistent.
The IOS PAYG package does not show desktop deployment in the table but does describe it in the blurb that is accessed when you click on the prices at the bottom of the table.
Given it is an annual subs, I guess it means you always have access to the latest version.
It also implies that if you stop paying the subscription, your copy ceases to work!
The IOS Perpetual does not expire but also does not have any updates.

I currently have the commercial desktop product.
This cost me $118 to upgrade (renew?) earlier this year and I am assuming this was a... well I have no idea what it means actually, does it cover me for 5.5 dot releases or 12 months or what?

In any case this is a perpetual license in that I can stay with this version as long as I like.

If I am to believe the matrix on the home page of the store then my current product is only available as a perpetual license (with the IOS deployment thrown in). OK, but there are no updates available and no annual maintenance fee, as there is with the COMPLETE package.

Indeed it seems that the COMPLETE package is the only non expiring option that has maintenance, albeit at $799 per annum.

So in order to maintain my desktop development (Mac and Windows only) and have a non expiring development version it seems I need to pay $499 each time a new version comes out!

Not happy.


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