changes to the runrev store

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Aug 18 02:12:18 EDT 2012

> Does that state that for $999 per license does not include any updates???

That's how I read it. It doesn't run out and my guess is this price is to handle the people that buy lc and still expect support 20 versions later.

> does that state that for 1,499 I get a license with both no expiration and full updates?

That's also how I read it which is a really good deal. Snap that up folks before runrev realize they set the price too low. It should be 2k+ at least. A long time ago when I did some work for them I took a perpetual desktop license (I didn't think to state I wanted all future platforms included) for $2500. Who knows what that would be in today's money.

Why do you need to sell pay as you go to your clients?



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