The Story of Steve Jobs - An Inspiration or a Cautionary Tale

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There was many good qualities in Steve Jobs and these good qualities were,
from my point of view, that produced the outstanding results that he
in his career:

1) Steve Jobs was a honest and enthusiastic worker in his ideas...

In my life, i have found many people in directive positions that are
absolutely clueless about the company they are directing. 
How could these people be an effective leader in their company?
if they don't even know the WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHICH of the
company they "pretend" to manage.

For example: Many years ago, in the 90's, I was working for a Sign Maker
company. During the time that I was there, as Designer, the amount of
money produced by the new work that myself designed was, more or less,
the equivalent of US$200,000.
One day, I asked to the owner and director for the equivalent of
US$10 dollars for my transportation expenses. With visible regret, he
reached his pocket and throw the money to the floor. I saw his action
with complete disbelief and his wife, who was present the whole time,
took the money and gave it in my hand.
The next day, when I do not returned to his Sign maker company, he went
to the house where I lived and asked to the person who talk with him
in the entrance: "Ask him when he is going to return to the company..."
Then, I send him this message: "I will call you when I could return... and
take the money that you gave me for transport"...
Of course, I never returned to his company and he do not show again
in the door... Does exist a moral for this history? Sure... many.
At least for me, I do not work anymore for people who believe that they
are making me a favor, when I am producing real and sound money for
his company or particular project...

2) Steve Jobs was and excelent communicator of his ideas...

How many people do you know that knows exactly what they
want to achieve in their business and actually knows how to
communicate these ideas to their workers and potential buyers?

In my life, I have only meet 3 people who have this quality:
A Doctor in Medicine, a Businessman who imports products
from China and a Civil Engineer.  

Steve Jobs have many more outstanding qualities, but these two
are the ones that, from my point of view, had more importance.


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