liveCode apps/applications

John Dixon dixonja at
Fri Aug 17 09:57:16 EDT 2012

I hope that the members of this list can help me here… 

I would like to get a list of 'current' applications that that are for sale that have been written in livecode for both desktop, whether for Mac, Windows or Linux and for iphone and Android.

I need to be able to show certain parties that the liveCode platform is a viable development environment… I also need to be able to compile this list over the weekend… It would also be interesting to know how long it took to develop your particular application/app from start to finish...So, if you are able to furnish me with the name of the applications/apps that you have developed along with the website contact details, it would be appreciated…How many applications/apps are out there ?… For those who might be interested, I will post the whole list that I receive after the weekend...

mailto : dixonja at


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