AW: which Externals show up in the externalPackages?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 15 11:29:06 EDT 2012

Mark Schonewille wrote:

 > In standalones, there is a stack "revExternalsLibrary" of your
 > mainstack, which has all externals attached to it. AFAIK this
 > only applies to the default externals. You need to attach
 > customer externals to your own mainstack. No, I don't think
 > this is straighforward.

Agreed, esp. given the level of care that must be taken with loading 
your own externals (I was about to post a list of gripes with that, but 
it would be one of my longer posts and most of mine are already so long 
that no one reads them so I'll spare the bandwidth).

I believe this is another area SuperCard got right:  you import an 
external into your stack file (what that tool calls a "project" file), 
and that's it.  You never need to think about them again.  From that 
point forward they're immediately and always available to your scripts.

One simple move, zero lines of code.  Simplicity.  Nice.

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