which Externals show up in the externalPackages?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Wed Aug 15 09:21:12 EDT 2012


Working with LC 4.6.4 on W7 and XP I am using three non rev externals. I put
them into the My LiveCode folder on C:\Users\myUser\Documents\My
LiveCode\Externals, and edited the externals.txt within the folder and
restarted LC. When testing my program in the IDE all three Externals seem to
work, BUT when asking for the externalPackages of stack "myMainStack" it is

After copying all three externals into the Runrev program\externals folder
at C:\Program Files\RunRev\LiveCode 4.6.4\Externals one of the three
externals shows up in the externalPackages.

And creating a runtime, selecting all three of them in the standalone
application settings, copying all three of them into the externals folder of
my runtime environment, again only one of them shows up in the

Why doesn't any of them shows up, when using only the My LiveCode\Externals
folder and why does only one of them shows up on the other way?

Thanks for any explanation




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