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Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Aug 15 00:58:00 EDT 2012

Thanks Jacque.

The problem is, I'm probably going to need a front script anyway because
plugins don't get revxxx messages for all the events I need to know about
(e.g., the creation/deletion of a control).  Not sure why the revxxx
messages are quite so selective.

I'm also running into issues with some of the revxxx messages. revNewTool
doesn't happen and revPreOpenStack happens not only when a stack is opened
but also when it is closed ( I have no idea why that would happen).

lcSQL Software <>

On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 7:43 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>wrote:

> On 8/14/12 8:23 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> I'm confused about the purpose of these messages.  As an example, consider
>> the revPreOpenStack and its equivalent preOpenStack
>> If I register my plugin to receive revPreOpenStack messages, then I get
>> that message when any stack is opened in the IDE which is great but is
>> there any advantage to doing it that way rather than having a preOpenStack
>> handler in a front script?
> Using the plugin messages is less likely to interfere with the user's
> setup and message hierarchy, and ensures your plugin will always receive
> messages (frontscripts can be overridden by other frontscripts.) The rev
> messages were implemented to allow plugins to react to IDE events in a
> structured way.
>> If it's better to use the revxxx messages than a front script, is there
>> any
>> way to pre-configure a plugin to receive selected revxxx messages before I
>> give it to a customer?
> The settings are saved in a custom property of the plugin stack. As long
> as the user doesn't remove or change the settings, they will travel with
> the stack.
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