Reviews on the iTunes store...

John Dixon dixonja at
Tue Aug 14 10:35:57 EDT 2012

> John Dixon wrote:
> > I have some apps in the iTunes store... lately, well this weekend one of them, 'TickerTape' started to get some reviews posted on its page... I was talking to a friend earlier today who lives in America ( I live in England, that funny little island north of mainland europe.) 
> "England, that funny little island" of which slightly over half is taken 
> up by 2 other countries: Scotland and Wales!
> It would be a lot funnier if the English got over their colonial attitude.

I blame that Italian contractor Hadrian, for meddling in Albions' affairs... as he should have either built his damn wall a lot higher, or not bothered at all !... :-)

> > and he told me that he cannot see the reviews...
> > Anyone know how this works ?... When I submitted the apps I set them to be sold in all the stores.. Does anyone know how to get the reviews seen in the different markets ?
> >
> > Dixie


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