Problem with textshift

Peter Haworth pete at
Fri Aug 10 12:43:54 EDT 2012

I'm using the textshift property to align icons inserted by setting the
imagesource of a character in a line of text.  All the development work was
done using 5.5 and all worked fine.  Recently, I ran the application on 5.0
and setting the textshift had no effect.

This is probably not a very commonnly used property but wondering if anyone
else has seen this?  Not sure if it's worth submitting a bug since it now
works as of 5.5.

The line of code in question is:


*set the imagesource of char x+1 of line pline of field "Objects" totImageID

*set* the textshift of char x+1 of line pline of field "Objects" to 4

stepping through the code, the image appears after the first line is
executed but does not move when the second line is executed.

lcSQL Software <>

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