Logging Device Tokens

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Thu Aug 9 17:15:10 EDT 2012

then you should probably stay away from any of the NoSQL engines, lol.

Many of the features you mention are part of many modern DBMS's, but not
all.  I'm still nursing a DBMS that is well over 30 years old and it is
most certainly not ACID compliant, and it does not provide for data
integrity, or triggers, or stored procedures, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm not referring to a DBMS in my comments.  I'm suggesting that even the
metaphor that was the inspiration for HC in the 80's is, really, a database.

I may have completely forgotten that time (on purpose, even), but as I
recall, DBASE at least at one time, was a very simple tab-delimited file

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