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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Aug 9 11:12:05 EDT 2012

On 8/9/12 2:55 AM, Jacques Hausser wrote:
> Afterthought (more likely): are you sure they are not "embedding" classical lock - unlock screen around your command ? If you have
> command mainStuff
>    lock screen
>    <stuff>
>    doChanges
>    unlock screen
> end mainStuff
>   command doChanges
>      lock screen for visual effect in rect tRect
>      <show some stuff, hide some stuff>
>      unlock screen with visual effect push right very fast
>   end doChanges
> The screen would be unlocked in mainstuff and only then what occurs in doChanges would show.

I agree this would be the most likely reason. I searched the entire 
stack for "lock" messages. There is only one other set of locks and it 
happens at a different time in a different handler (i.e., it isn't 
nested.) But the behavior I see does look like there is a lock 
happening. I'll look again, it sounds like it's not a universal problem 
so it must be something in my stack. Thanks for confirming.

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