FormattedHeight Limit!

Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Aug 6 17:41:42 EDT 2012


One thought is to not use scroll the grouped field for your iOS scroller, but rather scroll the field itself.   In your scrollerDidScroll message, scroll the field, not the scroll of the group.  This is what I use when I suspect the FormattedHeight may be larger than the allowable range.

Hope that helps!


> Hi there,
> I discovered that if I'm using large text
> in my scrolling field of size 24, and I
> have 1043 lines in my field, that the
> Height of my field using FormattedHeight
> equals 33,390 which apparently goes
> beyond a limit of 32,768 and causes
> an unreported error in the iOS Simulator.
> I really want to use my larger font size,
> and I don't want to cut down on the number
> of lines in my field.  Any work arounds for this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Rick

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