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Peter -- I hope this isn't too late -

I made this stack to examine all elements of what's in the clipboard at any
moment ---

go URL ""

there are likely a possible few font bugs, but I've tested it pretty well.

Just remember it won't work properly without being saved somewhere, and the
included font is installed alongside.
Save the stack then reload, you'll get a dialog asking permission to
install the font.
The font allows the showing of all the codes represented in the hex
listing. You'll see what I mean when you press the "show all chars" button.

Just copy whatever into the clipboard, including sound clips, images, or
text. Don't paste it, but just hit the "show keys" button.

the small scroller on the left shows the keys to the clipped data, choose
one and the data will be displayed.

the popup at the bottom chooses how displayed, I usually use HEX

the small field below shows the number of bytes

On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> After copying an object to the clipboard, the clipboard data type is
> "objects".  Is there a way to determine what type of object or do I have to
> keep track of that myself?
> This is in connection with a copy/paste and figuring if a paste is valid or
> not, e.g. pasting a substack to a card would be invalid.
> Pete
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