ANN: GLX2 3.0.10

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 5 20:44:23 EDT 2012

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> As I understand, GLX2 version 3.0.10 includes an Undo for everything
> that you wrote in the Script Editor. I am just trying to adapt this Undo
> code
> for vector graphics and all their attributes.
> If the code is well done, it could be extended to every control in the card,
> but first it's necessary to find a way to store only the differences between
> changed states. That is, a differential between each changed state.
> Could this be too difficult? Or Is this the wrong method to store previous
> States
> from a card, where the user could change control attributes and create or
> delete controls?

For differences there would be two arrays, and each could be even more 
compact by storing only the deltas from the template object props.

The resulting pair could be merged or handled any other way that could 
be useful with a reasonably efficient loop.

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