Is it safe to upgrade to Xcode 4.4?

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Wed Aug 1 10:18:55 EDT 2012


To answer your question about Xcode 4.4 and LiveCode 5.5.1, yes, you should be just fine. I haven't had any problems getting the two to talk nicely. However, and this is a fairly big however, Apple seems to have totally dropped support for the iOS 4.3 simulator. I'm not totally sure if this is a Mountain Lion thing (I've upgraded to ML and Xcode 4.4) or if it's just Xcode 4.4. So I was a little saddened to find that out, as I'm working on a project that I would really like to still test in the 4.3 simulator. And the usual methods of manually copying the right iOS sdk(s) does not seem to work anymore.

So if you don't need the older simulator version (Xcode 4.4 supports iOS 5.0 and 5.1 simulators only) then you should be fine to upgrade. But if you do, hold out for a bit longer if you can, especially if you're not in a hurry to upgrade to Mountain Lion.


Chris Sheffield
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On Aug 1, 2012, at 1:44 AM, Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:

> I know there has been some discussion on the list lately but I remain confused. I (along with I guess everyone else) have had a notification from the Mac App Store that the update to Xcode 4.4 is available and I'm invited to upgrade. What is the consensus - will I be able to continue iOS development using LiveCode 5.5.1 without problems or not, or will I enter uncharted territory where I have to change components, paths etc which I barely understand: and indeed is there really an option if I want to go on with iOS development and embrace iOS 6?
> I'd be really grateful for an authoritative answer.
> Graham
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