That man again.

Ken Corey ken at
Wed Aug 1 04:58:53 EDT 2012

Well, yes, he's annoying.  Unimpressive, and fanatical could describe 
him. I met him 17 years ago when he came to the Labs at Sun where I was 
working. I thought "what a wackjob" then...and he's gotten worse.

That doesn't mean he's wrong.

Look at the tendency of coporations to lock us out of our stuff:

Apple with their non-user-maintainable computers, then the closed and 
arbitrary App Store, and now operating systems that are locked down. 
Can you imagine Microsoft getting away with that 5 years ago when every 
state was suing them?

Microsoft with their upcoming app store, Windows 8RT where you're only 
allowed to install IE (what kind of world is /that/ going to be), and 
the UEFI/Linux issues.

Pretty much *any* organisation that wants to sell your information 
without you knowing about it.

The various IP robber barons of the entertainment industries and the 
hundreds of DRM schemes they've tried to foist upon the unwashed.

Okay, so the guy could rub Ghandi the wrong way, but honestly, if he 
wasn't such a prat, I'd completely agree with him.

As it is, there's no way I'd be seen in public with him...but he's got a 


On 01/08/2012 09:01, Richmond wrote:
> "Richard Stallman - founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU
> operating system - said releasing DRM-protected games on the open-source
> platform would be "unethical"
> <>."

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