planning my next two LiveCode TV presentations...

Colin Holgate coiin at
Fri Sep 30 13:00:42 EDT 2011

A few weeks ago I showed Unity, and Mike balanced out the meeting by showing 3D modeling tools, and the use of Franklin 3D. The next two tools I'll show are Director and Flash, and I wanted to know if anyone here had a preference which I showed first.

Director will have some interest to you because it has a very 'Talk like language, and you should come away thinking that you might actually get somewhere quickly with it! Flash is of interest because of the ubiquity of the plugin, as well as its ability to make things for a wide range of mobile devices.

On the down side, programming in Flash is quite different to LiveCode, or Director come to that, so you may come away feeling relieved that you use LiveCode!

Anyway, if any of you would like to say which you'd like me to go over first, I'll go along with that.

Also, to balance out those two meetings it would be nice to have a LiveCode related presentation that goes over some of the features I'll show, and how they might be achieved in LiveCode. For the Flash meeting it would be nice to have someone show off the Animation Toolkit. For Director I'm not sure what would be best, given that we covered Franklin already. Maybe someone else here knows Director too, and can help me think of what aspect to try and replicate in LiveCode.

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