Dragging folder to a field under linux adds "file://" before thefolder

Olivier Dussutour olivierdussutour at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 12:51:07 EDT 2011

I am interested in your script, but how can you drag multiple folders 
If you could help me, thank you in advance

Olivier Dussutour
olivierdussutour at gmail.com
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Subject: Dragging folder to a field under linux adds "file://" before 

> Hi,
> i want to drag a folder into a field to get the path displayed.  I am 
> using the following code in the field script:
> ON dragEnter
>        IF there is a folder the dragdata["files"]
>    THEN
>        set the dragaction to copy
>    END IF
> END dragEnter
> ON dragDrop
>       set the text of me to the dragdata["files"]
> END dragDrop
> This works fine under Win and Mac OS x. The path is displayed correctly. 
> Under Linux there is "file://" added before the path.
> For example the path /home/matthias/desktop becomes 
> file:///home/matthias/desktop
> If i do not use any script in the field, the path is displayed correctly 
> without the leading "file://".
> But I need to use a field script, because my original script is doing some 
> adjustments to the path (replace backslash with slash under windows). Is 
> this Linux specific? Or am i doing something wrong?  I know i can solve 
> this with
> "replace "file://" with "" in field ...." , but i would like to know and 
> understand why "file://" is added to the path.
> Regards,
> Matthias
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