Interapplication Communication

Andre Garzia andre at
Tue Sep 27 16:08:51 EDT 2011

> Richmond,
>> You can message other apps using VBScript and AppleScript (or AppleEvents)
>> I
>> think...
>> cheers
>> andre
> True; BUT . . . how about a truly cross-platform solution, ideally from
> within Livecode?
There can't be a cross-platform solution for interapplication communication
because each platform has its own idea about this topic. Windows has OLE,
DDE or whatever they are calling it these days. Macs have AppleEvents and
Linux has D-BUS and a thousand other formats.

There is no way that you can abstract this into a cross-platform unified
syntax because those systems are very different in their nature and

Now, if you want you app to communicate with your other app, you can simply
use TCP or UDP and go with networks, that is very cross-platform but the
standard for IPC is different on each platform.

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