Another web challenge: state

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Sep 23 22:30:20 EDT 2011


Actually, I think a decent first step is to just create apps which run on a
single page. This removes much if not all the necessary session information
and works pretty much like typical AJAX apps do now.

Of course, later having the app being able to communicate with LC Server
might be a nice feature, too. Still, a single one-page app can do a lot of
stuff for folks!

While I agree there are too many reasons for IE to be merciful sent to the
gallows, there are also so many other inconsistencies which are issues with
regard to web design and programming. For instance, I can think of about
half a dozen different ways to put round corners on a region. And how many
different frameworks are there for multiple column CSS? And in fact, there
are now ways to program radio buttons in CSS ( If you
read CSS-Tricks you quickly see the magnitude of the problem.

And when do I use !important? Some people say NEVER, others ALL THE TIME.
Which is it? At this point I'm thinking it's better to program raw
Postscript than try and figure out CSS and all it's nuances. I suspect we'll
have to wait another 5 years before CSS actually has a single model for all

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